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On a map of the United States, Washington State is located in the northwest corner, next to the Pacific Ocean. To the north is Canada, to the east Idaho and to the south Oregon. This beautiful region is called the Pacific Northwest.

We are famous for apples, cherries, rain, Starbucks coffee, Boeing airplanes, Mount St. Helens, and Microsoft.

Our nickname is the Evergreen State, because of our lush forests. We also have miles of ocean beaches, snow-capped mountains, dry deserts and rocky river canyons. We even have active volcanoes that you can climb!

Washington State is overflowing with wild places and fun things to do. Go whale watching, explore ocean beaches, hike in ancient rainforests, climb up or ski down a volcano, visit a ghost town, experience a rodeo, or ride up the Space Needle…just to name a few. Washington also has museums, concert halls, tribal centers and galleries.

We have an abundance of parks including 13 National Parks and Recreation Areas. Over 20 National Wildlife Refuges and Marine Sanctuaries protect our plants and animals.

Do you want to see whales in the wild? From May to October, orca whales are spotted near the San Juan Islands. At Mount Rainier National Park -- our highest mountain – you can hike over 300 miles of park trails and view old-growth forests, massive glaciers, vast snowfields, and wildflower meadows. Experience one of the greenest, wettest places on earth, the Washington rainforest, with mosses, ferns and 300-foot tall trees.

Every year thousands of visitors explore Washington. We invite you to visit too and look forward to welcoming you soon!

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