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Few other states in the US offer such incredibly diverse landscapes as Oregon. In the West almost 400 miles of rugged coastline run along the Pacific Ocean, dotted with charming fishing villages, historic lighthouses and dramatic scenery. Further inland, rivers run through rich valleys, lush green pastures and vineyards. Romantic towns welcome visitors with quaint antique shops, art galleries and covered bridges.

To explore Oregon, Portland, its largest city, is a good starting point. Visitors will find a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants and museums and world-class gardens and parks. Nearby, some of the most stunning scenery in Oregon can be found along the Columbia River, which has cut a deep gorge with waterfalls that cascade down rock formations. Mt. Hood, the highest peak of the state, towers over the gorge.

While Mt. Hood impresses with its altitude, Crater Lake in the South amazes visitors with its depth. Over thousands of years this volcanic crater has been filled with rainwater, creating the deepest lake in America.

Mt. Hood and Crater Lake area are part of the Cascade Mountain Range that runs through the entire state. The snow capped volcanic peaks not only divide Oregon in a lush, green West and a dry high desert in the East; they also offer perfect conditions for skiing, hiking, biking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities.

For a unique experience head to Eastern Oregon where the true “wild west” is still alive and visitors can follow the desert ground tracks that the ox-drawn wagons of the first settlers of the famous Oregon Trail left behind over 150 years ago.

Today, visitors to Oregon enjoy the unspoiled nature the state has to offer, experience the great food and cultural attractions, shop tax-free and meet friendly Oregonians that welcome them into their home state.

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